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Are you looking for an flat or a house to rent in London? This rental guide will help you to understand the specific vocabulary of the property market in the UK.





It is not so rare to have a house or a flat with a garden even in Central London. We can help you to find one with private gardens or communal gardens. Generally, communal gardens are very well maintained. They are not public parks or gardens. They are for exclusive use of the landlords and tenants of the building who have accessto them with a key or a code. The access of the communal garden sometimes comes with a separate agreement depending to your AST. Depending on your rental agreement. Parties are occasionally organized out there especially in the Summer, which can be a good way to socialize with your neighbours.


In London, most of the houses have their floor covered with carpet. Sometimes even in the kitchen or in the bathroom! Be careful not to stain it or your deposit will be partly taken. So before starting your search, tell us if you or a member of your family has allergies. We will find you a wood floor flat or house instead.


Coming to London to study or coming for an internship? You may want to either live in a flat share, rent a room in your university hall of residence, rent in a private student residence or live in your own rental flat. GAAM International will help you to find to best suitable student accommodation depending on your lifestyle and budget.


Coming from abroad could be quite stressful. At GAAM International we smooth your expatriation by organising the viewings of the properties you have shortlisted with us. For a rental search, we arrange a minimum of 8 viewings in one day to find the best house or flat to rent in London. We can also preview the properties for you or use Skype if you cannot come to London. Of course if it is not convenient for you to make all the viewings in one day we will arrange them at the most convenient time for you (lunch time, after work).


Tube, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), London Overground and National Rail services in London are divided into zones from the closest to the centre the farthest. Most services operate in zones 1-6, with Tube, London Overground and National Rail also operating in zones 7-9.

The zones 6 to 9 are at the outskirts of the city but you are still considered a Londoner and are part of Greater London. Public ransports are quite expensive in London so be careful when you choose in which zone you will live. It can be an extra cost if you have to commute to London to work.